What is the least expensive car insurance money can buy?

"Im trying to find heath insurance for my fiance and myselfJust how much is motor insurance -in-nj">insurance for a 16-year old residing in southern Cali?
I am not put into his insurance -but the car is insured. how does it work?. URL could help as well.
"Our partner was associated with an auto accident last weekHow much insurance is on a 2002 mustang gt on a 55-year old guy?
Is autoinsurance cheaper basically dwell with my parents or by myself?
"I own acar that is 12 years-old with only 81"I wish to learn easily could register an extremely cheap auto thats around 2"I have recently had an string of 2 injuries which were a few months aside
"By using online driver's ed in California just how much will insurance price lessen

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